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“Come Back” and Express Yourself to Jane Astronaut’s Latest Single

Ever meet someone that’s so in tune with you that it leaves you in a daze? Jane Astronaut’s latest single “Come Back” exposes the bitter-sweet emotions felt after connecting with someone you may never see again. While this is an unfortunate reality experienced by many Los Angeles dwellers, it’s lonely moments like these that build individualism and personal progress.

“Come Back” is a compelling portrait of emotions caught between loss and desire. With a bouncy guitar intro, as if teetering on the edge, it portrays the uneasiness of emotions. Wanting something or someone that lives in the fantasies and dreams that we often fall back on. Wanting a transformative experience that seems to be barely out of your control. When in reality- the duality between sadness and happiness both have to exist in order to build character.

Billy Azurdia serenades the stars, hoping to hear an answer. The lyrics are direct and act as an internal monologue about lost love. However, supporting the melancholic vocals is an instrumentation that shines light on the feelings of despair- like sunlight breaking through stormy clouds. A reminder that even when thoughts spiral, beauty will always exist once you take a step back. The collaboration of wailing vocals, breakdowns, shimmery synths, relaxed bass lines, and dreamy guitar lines exposes the truth behind emotions.

Not only is “Come Back” a sonic departure from Azurdia’s previous work, but it is also a dream brought to fruition with the help of new fellow bandmates. The formation of the now four-piece Jane Astronaut, consisting of Billy Azurdia, James Kennedy, Adam De Leon, and Phillip Alaniz, has allowed Jane Astronaut to showcase a whirl of emotions that still maintains a sense of serenity and stability. “Come Back” and “Here It Comes” are teasers for Jane Astronaut’s upcoming 2020 album.

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