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Connor Morris Encourages Listeners to “Free the Mind” in His Debut Single


LOS ANGELES, CA (January 26, 2021) As the weight of reality sinks in, artist Connor Morris releases his debut single, “Free the Mind” that sheds light on this delicate day. Never would we have thought that January 26th would carry so much gravity- the day Los Angeles and fans across the world would pay tribute to Kobe Bryant.

This unexpected tragedy coupled with a car accident of his own served Morris with a wake-up call --

“A sudden wake-up call that tomorrow is never promised”, reveals Morris, and that the only way to move forward is to “Free the Mind”.

With soul piano and guitar riffs, accompanied with vocal outtakes describing Morris and Pyoor’s fast friendship, “Free the Mind'' opens up with a sense of gratitude. Connor Morris and Pyoor crossed paths a year ago at a Veggie Grill in Hollywood where they immediately bonded over art, film and fashion. Feeling a natural connection, the two met up the following day at Yekim Studios on Melrose where Pyoor was recording on an instrumental. Upon hearing Pyoor record a verse giving an ode to the legends Lil Peep, Juice World and Kobe, Morris felt inspired to write a chorus and then freestyle his own verse.

We have the tendency to view these celebrities as superhumans, yet we all feel as though we knew them. Giving shout-outs to these inspirational people further emphasizes how tragedy can spark art in its purest form. Because of the organic nature of how Connor and Pyoor met while bearing the impact of Kobe’s death, listeners can feel Pyoor and Morris escaping the chaotic thoughts that the mind can carry. Morris had been using music as an outlet, especially when one of his influences Mac Miller passed in 2018. Meeting Pyoor and Kobe’s wake up call spurred Morris’s musical awakening.

As we mark the one-year anniversary of Kobe’s passing, Connor Morris and Pyoor have chosen to release “Free the Mind'' as encouragement for all who listen to try to get out of their head and more into feeling. To promote the feelings of being in tune with our emotions, the feeling of being alive, and freeing our mind from negativity --

Emphasized by Morris, “Our senses are so wonderful but we can so easily lose touch with them. The next time you enjoy a meal, I encourage you to stop, smell the food, give thanks to the moment, and truly enjoy every bite. Or the next time you are taking a walk- really take in the experience. Hear the birds. Smell the trees or roses. Feel the wind. Life is short and I would encourage everyone to do their best to free their mind. Rest in Peace to my grandfather Louis Garelick, my cousin Jaxson Prizer, to Kobe Bryant, A$AP Yams, Kurt Cobain, Mac Miller, Lil Peep and Juice WRLD.”

As a musician and actor, Connor Morris is making the best of these strange times by constantly creating art that resonates with society. Keep Morris on your radar, as “Free the Mind” is the first of many tracks that he will be releasing this year.

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