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Elizabeth Woolf Revisits Old Memories on "Valencia Street"

Elizabeth Woolf soars with bitter-sweet rejoice during times of uncertainty in her latest single “Valencia Street”. Riled up and more confused than ever, our status quo can be simplified into the metaphor of an unresolved break up. Inspired by Woolf’s dad’s words of wisdom, “all relationships are unresolved,” Valencia Street rides the tossing and turning of mental waves after a breakup in a relationship that never really began- thus never really ended.

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“Valencia Street” opens with a twinkling and dreamy flashback to the earliest spark of her relationship in San Francisco. Painting the scene with simple and sincere language, supported by a lo-fi soundscape, listeners can relate to the beauty of finding a new connection. The song continues to a more clear and conscious reflection of her breakup. Revisiting the states of confusion caused by an abrupt and unexplained feeling of emptiness. As stated by Woolf, “sometimes there is no ending, no beautiful bow to wrap around the moment and stamp it with the word ‘done’. Sometimes endings are messy, and […] the very best kisses, are the last of their kind.” Although underlying pain is felt throughout this reflection, Woolf maintains a feel good vibe rich with synth solos that seem to serenade all of the possible feelings that could be felt by a person- ultimately freeing a person from a trapped state.

Woolf faces her feelings headstrong by tossing herself in the waves of her confusion. Her lyrics present a moment of truth, showcasing that “there is a funny sort of meditation and freedom in accepting what is and what isn’t, even if that reality is uncomfortable.” Even if the aftermath of something is confusing, it’s the sentiment of memories that matter. Even “bad” happenings can be turned into good once you reframe the situation. In this case, even if a relationship ends unresolved, there’s still the underlying truth that tender and open hearts is what brings two people in general together. Finishing the song with another visit back in time, Woolf now presents herself as a bystander viewing the relationship. Taking a step back and viewing the purity of a delicate relationship, listeners can feel the sense of calmness once Woolf accepts the fate of uncertainty.

Right now, during the world’s mass hysteria, is the best time to practice the revelations exposed in Woolf’s heart-break anthem. Coming to peace with the obscurity of the status quo, and simply reveling in the isolated moments that we may never experience again in our lifetime, is still worth the ride. With parting words from Woolf, “I hope this song brings some comfort and visibility to anyone out there who is feeling unresolved in any way.”

Over the past two years, California grown singer-songwriter/guitarist Elizabeth Woolf has been refining her voice, finding her storytelling, and collecting her favorite sounds. Her passion for music has turned into a craft, as she creates her own sound, based off of her interpretations of the LA indie music scene, where she currently resides. Stay tuned to her stories in her upcoming LP.

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