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Heather Rivas, Jane, and MKBLV Brings Comfort In Their Latest Collaboration, “September”

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Chilling in the hills of Los Angeles, the dynamic trio composed of MKBLV, Jane and Heather Rivas have joined forces in their latest single “September”. Drawing from existential observations of our unsettling reality, “September” is an indie pop song that all of us can relate to. A product of the unprecedented times the world is going through, the trio wants to help contribute by donating their Bandcamp proceeds to the Bail Project and the Wildfire Relief Fund.

What started off as a personal and motivational test in hopes of completing a collaborative song by the end of September, the song naturally became something bigger. As the trio wrote “September”, “it became a catalyst for processing feelings of isolation and the strange distortion of time and reality during lockdown”. These feelings are expressed in uplifting rhythmic guitars, punchy percussion, and an upbeat melody in an effort to counter the melancholic lyrics.

The production of “September” highlights each of the artist’s skill sets as well. The textural blend of Heather Rivas and Jane’s vocals fills the track with upwards of 20 vocal layers used throughout the song. The bridge brings a momentary sense of comfort, as “September” takes listeners for a ride in a melodic and harmonic performance reminiscent of a 90s Disney film. Mixed and mastered by MKBLV, “September” shines as the coming together of creative individuals who aim to lift spirits without resorting to a sense of false optimism.

By providing a potent soundscape and introspective lyrics, this modern track allows listeners to interpret the song on their own and decide what the song means for themselves. Although times are tough, sometimes all we can do is make the best of our downtime and create music everyone can vibe to. In the trio’s words, “We want people to be able to dance to this song, drive to it, cry to it, however they connect to it – it’s all ready for them.“

You can find more information about their Bandcamp donation proceeds at &


MKBLV is an LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in experimental pop and sound design. | Find out more by visiting his Instagram or website at

Jane is an LA-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer who specializes in pop and indie electronic styles. | Follow her on Instagram or email her at

Born and raised in LA,

Heather Rivas started her musical journey when she began studying piano at the age of 6. She has toured and played keys for artists such as Tonina and Jacob Banks, while also continuing to write and produce her own music at home. Her music is influenced by a multitude of genres and by the eclectic music scene that thrives in LA. | Follow Heather on Instagram

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