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Lacroix’s Music Video for “Parallel Universe” Dives into the Subconscious Level

The music video for “Parallel Universe”, produced by Oleg Kan, soars through the lens of an unattached and selfless being looking at the wider scope of our world- an important philosophy held by Lacroix that he obviously wanted to be reiterated in our society. The mirrored imagery taken place at a secluded beach is a direct parallel to what the song unfolds.

Parallel Universe dives into the subconscious level that lies beneath the surface of our superficial reality. As humans, our ego and need to maximize control is what ultimately binds us down. When in reality, our five senses can only cast so much judgment- drowning the fact that our lives are a game of chance with infinite possibilities.

In a generation that seems trapped in a world filled with fear and ridicule, it’s easy to forget to look at things at a grander scope. Lacroix addresses this existential crisis by incorporating sounds with their own individual personality and effect. The vocoder-drenched vocals showcases range of emotions while the dance-oriented beat keeps the mind going. Meanwhile, a cautious blend of synths bounce off one another. Combined, it creates a soundscape that has a driving force of anxiety that still maintains a sense of hope.

Furthering the soundscape is Lacroix’s lyrical depth. The verse “Only the sky, pretty but shy, Lies the mystical truth, meanwhile, Fractalic mind, pictures outside, tells me I haven’t seen anything now” articulates how we naturally identify ourselves as isolated entities separate from the world, and how that itself is what causes us to see the world in a restricted perspective. Letting go of your ego and acceptance of the world’s natural flow takes time. But eventually, “we sing colors that fly in the room.”

Lacroix, founded by Daniel Gonzalez in Boston of 2012, began as a cross-genre exploration of electronic music. Based around a multifaceted pop/rock structure filled with psychedelic textures, multicultural rhythms and harmonies ultimately gives the listener an immersive and eclectic experience . The overall sound is a showcase of Daniel’s artistic progression in the last few years. Backed with a rock, electronic, and dance appreciation (with artist influences varying from Daft Punk, Infected Mushroom, James Blake, Pink Floyd, and more) Daniel has curated his own unique sound and effects. With each new track, the boundaries of sound and understandings of reality are pushed to infinity.

“Parallel Universe” marks one of the final milestones of Lacroix’s album Scenic Routes, released last year. His latest single, “Feathers, ”branches out from the turmoil that the mind can feel- expressing the self-growth Lacroix has experienced during his time in Los Angeles. A new full-length album is set to be released this Fall of 2019.





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