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  • Meet Harrison Long ✹ Music Producer,Engineer,Mixer

    Check out Harrison's interview with Shoutout LA~ READ FULL INTERVIEW: Meet Harrison Long ✹ Music Producer, Engineer, Mixer " Starting Off Trail Studios with my partner Rachele Liba has been an epic journey of challenges and rewards. The world of music is literally endless, and so it takes a lot of humility to be willing to constantly learn more and to keep up with the latest breakthroughs. I hope our dedication is what sets us apart, but these days I’m mostly excited by seeing the artists I work with grow and achieve. It’s such a great feeling when an artist and I can come up with something unique and exciting, and I get a lot of joy from sharing that with the world. Every artist is different, and so the biggest challenge is to come at each project from a new approach while still meeting our own high standards. We always try to keep in mind our values of creativity, authenticity, innovation, and integrity throughout our processes, and so it’s our aim to have our work reflect that. Overall, my favorite projects are when the artist and I can push each other to reach for those values, all while growing and learning more about music and ourselves along the way." Contact Harrison :

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