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Great music can take a lifetime of devotion to develop, but ultimately the final quality and character of the audio will be how the world receives it. 





Combining all of the elements of a song into one final mix is no easy feat. Whether you've recorded at home or in a high-end studio, I can transform your raw tracks into an incredible, high-quality mix. Let me lend my ears to your music and you can hear for yourself the sonic potential your song possesses.


This final process is to ensure that your music sounds great and translates well to other systems and platforms in the real world. This is truly where art meets science, and a point that can make or break the final quality of your music.


Recording is a special process where musical ideas become tangible realities. My home studio is outfitted with top-notch gear and is ideal for smaller set ups and overdubs. However, if you need to record a full band and/or a drum kit (a specialty of mine), then there really is no substitute for an amazing live room, high-end gear, and a pristine console. Luckily I have a ton of recording studio experience and there are some amazing studios around LA that I have great relationships with.


From start to finish, I can help you develop a basic idea into a killer final track. My philosophy behind producing is to build off of my artists’ ideas to showcase what makes them special, all while making decisions that bring out the highest potential in their music. I will work with you to help build everything that goes into a song and to overcome any roadblocks we face along the way.



Having grown up under the influences of Punk Rock and Jimmy Page, Harrison eventually made the transition from playing in bands to recording them. This opened up a whole new world for Harrison– a crazy rabbit hole of perpetually exploring gear, effects, and the acoustical science behind music’s emotional impact. It was through this obsession that Harrison acquired the knowledge necessary to create and sculpt all types of radical music.


With strengths in both technical and musical skillsets, he has the imagination and expertise to bring the creative potential out of a song while still exceeding professional musical standards.


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