As an advocate for transparency, I make every step of the design process a collaborative effort. In order to assure 100% customer satisfaction, I have clients fill out a design questionnaire so we can identify an ideal price and timeline. 

Things incorporated in the process include:

  • Industry standard artwork (always 300dpi)

  • Multiple versions/mockups

  • Price Breakdowns

  • Quick turnaround

  • Package deals


Don't know where to start?

Whether it be an idea that you've been brewing for years or an artist's aesthetic admire, I'll help you produce artwork that best represents your sound.

As a graphic designer focused in the music industry, my ultimate goal is to produce visual content that represents you. What you believe in. And what inspired you to make your music. 


"Design and creativity in all its forms are integral to music and how we consume it, and the same works in reverse. Both have the power to make cultural and societal shifts, big and small, and ultimately enhance the experience of being alive. Whether on a large or small level, that’s a very exciting thought."
"Today design is “your opening statement,” as “most fans enter the world of an artist via some kind of image or video they almost scroll past on a phone or a tablet. So the visuals that go along with the music have to give some sense of story and idea. They need to grab."



Social Media


Logo Design

Video Visuals

  • Instagram

Music Reviews 



Our art is naturally heavily inspired the emotions evoked from music. In addition to catering to your aesthetic, We will make sure the album cover serves as the best representation of your sonic baby. All designs will be provided in 300dpi in whatever file format is desired. 


Social Media is now a powerful marketing tool. Banners are often the first thing that people will look at when visiting your profile, so it’s vital they are professionally designed! We cater for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. We can also build a schedule and provide content on a regular basis. 


A website or electronic press kit not only screams professionalism, but it allows viewers to fully understand your music, aesthetic and background. All websites have monthly maintenance and are search engine optimized so followers can easily Google your Artistry. 

Album Art

Flyer Design


Guaranteed to make a big impression! We’ll work with you to create a fresh Logo for the face of your band or music project. Any size, colour and style, we can design whatever you want!


We are well versed in creating video visuals that follow the flow of your music. Using a video synth, each visual is unique and curated to your music. 


Perfect for handing out at gigs, showcasing an upcoming event, or promoting your new club. We can design your Flyer to any size, style and quantity.


Perfect for handing out at gigs, showcasing an upcoming event, or promoting your new club. We can design your Flyer to any size, style and quantity.



I make pricing a collaborative effort- meaning I'll find a budget that works for you while also keeping food on my table.  After you fill out the visuals questionnaire, I will determine if a hourly or flat-rate will work best for you. For example:  small projects will have an hourly rate while a big tedious project will be flat-rate so we don't risk going over your budget. I understand the hustle and grind of being an artist, so my price points are to help indie artists reach their full potential. My work is also heavily influenced by the emotions evoked from music, so please send me your stuff for inspiration! 


  • All projects are presented at the Industry Standard in any format requested

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Mockups + 3 free revisions  

  • Timeline/Budget Sheet + Hours Sheet

  • Explanations of the pricing and time invested

  • Collaborative use of Google Drive to stay updated and coordinated



video visuals


EPKs & websites

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Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you ASAP


Rachele Liba is the resident Graphic Designer/Visual Artist with the drive and passion to apply a creative influence in the music industry.  Rachele currently collaborates with multiple bands throughout LA in all fields of design, including: Album Artwork, EPKs, Event Fliers, Social Media Promo, and Live Visuals. She can cater her work towards any artists' desired aesthetic, but is highly regarded for her Contemporary, Vintage, and Glitch art pieces. In addition, through her work with Music Public Relations companies and her mantra of going to at least one show a week, she has become aware of what it takes for an Indie band to stand apart and thrive.

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